Question regarding panel power

My panel is mounted on the wall and is hard wired for power. Just a black and red wire. Easy to disconnect. My question is as follows, when I get ready to change out the communication card and update the firmware, I will need to remove power and then power it back up. Does this mean I will need to carry it back to the wall each time, or will the battery work?


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To confirm, which panel do you have? If it is the 2GIG Sky Panel, it would not be compatible with our services.

If it is the 2GIG Go!Control, when swapping out the module, youll want to unplug the panel’s transformer then unplug the battery. Remove the old cellular module, install the new one, then plug in the battery and finally the power supply.

Youll need to follow the directions for firmware update via the firmware update cable through this link here.

If you are looking to switch with the 2GIG Go!Control you can find out more information on the switching process with a 2GIG Go!Control panel here. Please note, you will need an unregistered, compatible, 3G cellular module in order to use our service.

We offer both the Basic Interactive and the Gold Interactive service plans which can be purchased with, or without, 24/7 Central Station Monitoring. You can find pricing as well as add ons here.

It is a Go!Control panel.

Not sure I understand transformer. The power lines are connected to what appears to be a green 8 point connector where you plug in your wires and then tighten down a screw to keep them secure.

Interesting, can you verify the other end?

Per installation instructions, the panel should be powered off of the included 14VDC transformer.

Would it be possible to post a picture of what you are seeing?

I can post a picture, but i live in a 2 story house and this panel is located by the back door. Now the power supply may be in the attic, but i am certain that there is no transformer to unplug at this panel. It appears that I will just need to disconnect the power wire from the bus bar.

i think i have figured it out. There is power to the original alarm system in and i see where i can unplug it.