Question please

Hello I was wanting see how well u all recommend the sem Module for vista thanks so much

If you have a compatible Vista panel from 2005 or later the SEM is usually the most cost effective way to gain benefits and get started with Surety. If you are happy with the Vista panel, this is a great option.

That said, there are some things to consider. There are a lot of benefits you gain from a newer panel that do not translate over to a SEM.

Z-wave installation, control, and troubleshooting are nowhere near as robust as other systems. Programming on the Vista is archaic and difficult in comparison to newer all-in-one systems, and advanced features like video to the panel screen are available only on the IQ Panel 2+. The Vista system cannot be easily transplanted, so if you move, the Vista is likely not worth it to move with you.

The SEM itself is not cheap, over half the cost of a brand new IQ Panel 2+ and usually about the same price as a brand new 2GIG GC2 panel, if not more.