Question on icon next to device

Hi Does anyone know what this icon means next to a device?
The line through it makes me think there is an issue, but the status says ‘ok’ and seems all good on the panel.


Are you looking in Hover over the icon, there is a descriptor for it. I believe you’ll see N/A or similar. That means the sensor type is not applicable to sensor activity monitoring status.

Ahh thanks for the tip. Hovering over, it says ‘status unkown’.
It is an ELK-319HRR heat detector. It tested ok so I think it works and compatible. It wasn’t an officially supported heat detector from supported list. Perhaps perhaps it just doesn’t have the ability to note ‘status’ but will trigger an alarm.

That would be correct for any compatible Heat detector. Heat detectors are not eligible for sensor activity monitoring. They are either at rest or in alarm state, there is no other status.

Thanks so much. I can definitely recommend this ELK319HRR to folks. The Interlogix ones that were 319.5 compatible are discontinued. This one was easy to setup and good to know that is good on the status side. It is quite small, easy to setup,.

Thank you. There is definitely a lack of wireless heat detector options, which limits monitoring in trouble spots like kitchens and garages. We’ll reach out to Qolsys to see if this can get tested.