Question about sensor

Hey guys Gotta question a month ago my front porch door sensor stopped working haven’t replaced it yet but my question is I have a powerg outdoor sensor on my shed which has door like a garage door would the Qolsys tilt sensor work fine for that door and then just move my outdoor sensor to porch door just don’t know cause the temperature I if it would work or if I would be better of to get another outdoor sensor for the porch door

So you want to track the open/close status of a roll up door on the shed?

The Qolsys S-Line Tilt Sensor IQ TILT-S QS1131-840 could work. It has an operating temperature: 14F to 122F. Wireless signal range would be the same as most other S-Line sensors, so it would depend on how far from the panel the sensor would be.

Ok great I plan on setting the outside sensor on the front porch door to chime only group 25 and the tilt sensor for the shed to instant perimeter

Do u all sell the tilt sensor

No we do not currently stock the QS1131-840. All products sold through Surety are found on our storefront.

It can be found elsewhere and still used with our service however.

Right ok I’m looking for on decently cheap just hope the temp don’t mess with but I’m thinking about buying another outdoor siren just so I know it will be fine

I mean outdoor sensor

Can u all cancel that order just placed for outdoor sensor I found a cheaper on some place else sorry

The tilt sensor is a little hardier in that it is intended for installation on garage doors, which are rarely in temperature controlled environments, but you can’t go wrong with a wired contact and an outdoor wireless sensor.

For order cancellation/billing questions please be sure to send an email or private message, not on the open forum, since we may need to reference account details.