Question about RF Jam Alarm

I have my system at a remote cabin, the power went out today around 3am and is still out. I have received 2 RF jam alarms, I do have a battery backup for the alarm but nothing else. Does that mean someone is trying to break in?

RF Jam is a condition which means that the panel receiver is experiencing interference or extremely high volume of RF signals.

This can be nefarious in nature, but it could also be (and often is) related to interference from potentially other normal local RF sources, or malfunctioning sensor.

Was this power outage due to inclement weather?

Yes very windy, thousands of homes without power in my county. Nearest house to mine is over 3 blocks away.

The panel itself is potentially experiencing malfunctions if there was a power surge.

I’m actually seeing a panel phone line failure message on your account, but that condition is completely unrelated to the IQ Panel 2. That is a landline error, and the panel doesn’t even have a landline option. There may be some reporting errors going on with the panel.