Question about Linear GD00Z and suretyDIY

Good morning. I have been looking at switching my alarm system provider and I’ve been giving suretyDIY a good look. I do have a question regarding the use of a Linear GD00Z garage door opener. With my current provider, will recognize the device but it does not allow me to control it. Does suretyDIY allow control of this module with a Simon XTi panel? The panel does recognize the GD00Z, but no controls. Thanks in advance!

To use the linear Z-wave Garage door opener GD00Z and have full functionality through with a Simon XTi, you’ll need a communication and Z-wave module with the proper firmware. For XTi, Module 183a or higher is needed. You can check this on your module inside the panel. It will be listed on a sticker as X-NNN (where NNN is the three digit version)

Thanks for the reply, Jason! I checked my XTi and the sticker says 183, though I did not find the “a” notation anywhere. Guessing this is the issue. Thanks again!