Question about doorbell

Can the ADC-VDB780B) doorbell be used with existing doorbell low voltage wiring? Or is this a battery only model?

The VDB780B is a battery only doorbell. For a doorbell which uses existing wiring, look at the VDB750.

Thank you! I will check that out. Do you sell the VDB750? I couldn’t find it on the website

The 750 is not available in our store at this time, but I believe it is expected to be soon.

Great! That is good to know.

I will keep an eye out for it

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Thank you!

By any chance, do you know if it comes with an angle bracket? It would be useful for us to tilt it 30 degrees to the left when mounting

No, it just comes with the wall plate, mounting screws, and a resistor. The VDB750 has a much wider horizontal view, at 165 degrees.

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