Question about canceled account

Hey guys just checking to see if the 667 was fully released yesterday having trouble getting the indoor camera to connect to the new service and just trying to see if it’s been released from you all I know the panel itself never gave a notification when it disconnected like they usually do so just trying to see

Hi Charlie,

Your account at that location was terminated on 6/5/2020 at 5:22:31 pm ET. Is there anything else we can do to help?


Ok just wanting to conform because I was having issues with the indoor camera getting added to the new company so didn’t know if it was still on old account or not

No problem! Account cancellation removes all devices. Your module/panel and all cameras are available to reuse immediately following cancellation.

If having trouble with a camera, please try a factory reset prior to re-adding.

How to u factory reset it I forgot how to do that

This thread goes over how to factory reset various models of ADC camera.

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