Question about Thermostat

I purchased an thermostat which is being installed soon. I don’t have internet yet at my new house but would this work anyway as a regular thermostat without wifi and then I just sync it later?

The Smart Thermostat (ADCT2000 or ADCT3000) connects to the panel via Z-wave not wi-fi.

You would not need an active internet connection for this to function so long as your panel is connected to and the thermostat is connected to the panel.

Without the account, you would be limited to direct control via the TSTAT itself but scheduling would not be available.

I still don’t have my panel activated yet since I thought I couldn’t do that without an internet connection.

Panel communicates via Cell primarily. Wi-fi, if available, acts concurrently for communication. All accounts require a 4G LTE cellular module for activation.