Question about 2GIG Go!Bridge


I currently have a 2gig system that is run by the GC2 with a TS1 in the master bedroom. The phone commands and especially the response time for a call upon an alarm are very slow with the cellular service. I was looking at the IP bridge (2GIG-BRDG1-900). Would this bridge help speed up commands from and would it result in quicker calls after the alarm is triggered? Thank you for your time.

Doesn’t look like this is related to a suretyDIY subscription, is that correct?

Adding a Go!Bridge would indeed speed up inbound commands to your system that you send through the app or website if using The Go!Bridge gives concurrent IP Broadband signaling. In most cases, with a solid network connection, command latency is removed almost entirely.

The Go!Bridge cannot influence and does not help central station operator alarm response. Getting a faster phone call response from alarm operators can only be accomplished by finding a faster responding company, like suretyDIY. :wink: