QT Remote hardwire install

Im trying to install the qt remote with my existing wiring from a Concord panel. The existing wire has black, red, green and yellow.
Here is what I have tried so far, I cut the barrel wires and attached the red to the positive and black to the negative, I didn’t use the yellow or green. It looks like the panel is trying to power on but it’s just blinking of.off the android man.
The translator is an Alula brand.

I’m not sure 100% what you are referencing with QT Remote. Are you referring to the Qolsys IQ Remote secondary keypad?

The IQ Remote would not be powered off of a Concord panel, that will possibly damage it. Always use the included plug-in transformer. The transformer is 7VDC. The keypad output on the Concord panel is 12VDC.

If that is not the product you are working with, please post a photo of the relevant device and wiring.