QS1138-840 sensor installation

I am trying to install a QS1138-840 combined door/window and shock sensor to my IQ Panel 4. I have tried auto-learning it in, and I have tried manually putting in the number. I have tried setting the type to Door Window M, and I have tried adding it as a shock sensor. I have tried adding it twice, once as a door/window and once as a shock, and it tells me the device ID is already in the system. No matter which way I get it into the system, I do not see both the door/window and shock sensor, I only see one or the other.

Is there a trick to adding one of these or am I misunderstanding how they should appear in the system? I figured since it is a Qolsys panel and a Qolsys sensor, using auto-learn would “just work” and I would see two sensors show up.

Qolsys uses Door Window - M for the sensor type when multiple functions are present like for the shock/DW sensor.

It is only paired once however, and both functions should be covered when paired as Door Window - M. Test both after installing.

Sorry if I am just not getting it but after I pair it, I only see one device listed. It’s not clear to me how to test both. The door/window sensor seems to function properly, but I am unsure how to test the shock sensor. I have tried tapping it multiple times and nothing happens - I don’t get any notifications, and I don’t see anything in my activity log.

If I set the dip switches to enable pre-warn and tap the sensor, I do get the audible beeps and LED flashes, so that would imply that the sensor itself works. I just don’t understand what I should be seeing in the system panel or app that corresponds to it.

(it’s in my system right now named ‘test’ btw)

There will only be one zone in the panel. The zone must be programmed as Door Window - M. That one zone should trip for either action.

Test the shock sensor not by tapping the sensor but by vibration/strike on the surface where it is installed. Usually a screwdriver handle or similar is used to tap and get a response for shock sensors. Qolsys instructions specify just using your hand:

Gently hit (using the palm of your hand) the surface on which the device is installed. Gradually increase the pressure or turn the shock sensitivity adjustment dial clockwise with a small screwdriver until the desired response is obtained. Ensure that the device is not triggered by accidental vibration (e.g., wind, birds, window coverings) hitting the protected window or surface. Normal traffic or operation of the door/window should not trip the shock sensor. When testing the sensitivity of the unit, do not cause stress or damage to the mounting surface or to the glass.

I get it now. I was expecting it to be recognized/treated as two separate sensors. I wasn’t expecting that a “shock event” would appear in the system as just another “door open” event from the door/window sensor. I get from an engineering standpoint why they would do it that way, it’s just not intuitive to the end user to think of it that way.