Qolsys QW9104-840 a z-wave controller/repeater?

Is the Qolsys IQ Remote QW9104-840 a z-wave controller? (If so, a secondary controller to the IQ Panel 4, I presume)? Do controllers server also as repeaters if there are primary and secondary controllers and a z-wave command is sent from one?

The features list at Qolsys makes it sound like a controller (unless it is communicating the z-wave commands to the IQ-Panel 4 which then serves as the controller:

" Full Z-Wave Control (Lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, etc)"

No, the IQ Remote does not have a Z-wave radio and does not improve the network. It’s functions are an extension of the IQ Panel 4, it communicates to the IQ Panel via wifi. The IQ Panel 4 communicates directly with the Z-wave devices.

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Thank you very much, Jason, for the reply!