QolSys QS7130-840 Hardwire 8

I am planning to upgrade my old security system with Qolsys IQ 2 panel. Currently, I have wired seven zone system powered by DSC PC5010 control (wired). The DSC panel doesn’t have the resistors attached to the sensor wires. Will I be able to use the Hardwire 8 with this set up ? See the Panel picture.

Forgot to attach the picture

Looks like that model uses a 5.6 kohm resistor for sensor circuits. If it is not found in the panel then it is likely actually at the end of line for each circuit, near the sensors. You can confirm by testing the resistance of the sensor circuits with a multimeter.

The Hardwire 8 and 16 learn in the resistance of each individual zone as you pair them, and supports 1 kohm to 10 kohm resistance.

If your circuits actually have no resistance on them, a resistor between 1 kohm and 10 kohms can simply be added to each circuit.