QOLSYS QS1231-840 and 2GIG-GC2 Panel

Good Evening,
I just recently Purchased some QOLSYS QS1231-840 Motion Sensors to install on my 2GIG GC2.
(I should have checked it they were compatible with my System first…)
But when attempting to install them tonight, the Panel could not Learn the Sensor.
Could you please advise if this is compatible with my Panel and What Type of Sensor I should pick on the Panel when Installing?
Thank You.

They are not compatible, the ones you got run on the 319.5MHz frequency which generally work with any Qolsys or Interlogix panel. In addition that sensor is encrypted. In your case any sensor running on the 345Mhz frequency should work. Generally that’s any sensor made by 2gig or Honeywell. Examples include the 2GIG-PIR1-345 or Honeywell 5800PIR-RES.

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Good info above. Here is a compatible option: