Qolsys panel serial number

Just wondering what the difference is between the panels. I have an Iq panel I just bought with serial number starting with qsnc. I read a tread somewhere the newer ones are qnse. What is the difference? Is there a patch that I can apply?
Also I just tried to add my older smoke detectors to the panel. It adds them without a problem but about 45-60 minutes after adding them the panel sets off an alarm. I reset it than another 45-60 minutes later again it sets off an alarm. i deleted both of them for now.
I had a honeywell vista 20p I kept all sensors, just added a wireless translator. So far it works perfect.

Thank you for the info.


Qolsys IQ panel manufacturing revision QSNE is indeed the latest (as of a couple months ago, there may be a newer one) but Qolsys upgrades older manufactured models’ radio firmware that cannot be user upgraded prior to shipment, so it is likely you still have the latest revision.

Check your RFPIC number in the “About” menu. This should be 6 or 7.

So you are using a Honeywell to GE translator? Can you provide the model number of the translator?

Are the smoke detectors GE wireless? If they are Honeywell wireless, it is possible that the translator will not properly forward their signals. (Resolution Products versions will not.) Life safety devices typically must be native protocol of the control panel.

I believe there were a couple issues with GE smokes on older panel revisions.

Hi Jason

Thank you for the quick reply!
I have a Resolution Products RE 124HG. I have to check the make of the smoke detectors as I do not have them handy, but I believe they are Honeywell. I bought this panel on-line a while ago but just installed it, it came from second hand. The RFPIC version is 1.0-G. Is that even right?

The RFPIC of 1 is an older panel. It is my understanding there are a few compatibility issues with a couple GE wireless sensors.

If the smoke detectors are Honeywell then the translator would be the issue though as the RE124HG instructions state “Do not use Translator for life safety devices, such as smoke or CO sensors.”

You will want to get a Qolsys Smoke Detector to replace the Honeywell ones.

Ok. Thank you. Is there a way for the upgrade on the RF PIC? And basically what is the difference? Is it hardware?

The RFPIC is a radio version, only updateable by the manufacturer. It doesn’t limit standard firmware updates (1.42 etc) but does have a few glitches with a couple specific GE sensors that I know of.

Our demo panel has this same number and we have yet to run into any specific issues on it.

Thanks again Jason.
I assume I will have no issues, I used all of my existing sensors and all seems to work fine. I will get the qolsys smokes for safety as you advised.
Do you know however which GE sensors are the “troubled” ones. I need to add a door sensor, my front door had a 5814 and it was acting up even after changing the battery and replaceing it. It keeps saying the front door is opened… So I need a low profile door sensor

There are plenty of options for door contacts. May be best to stick with Qolsys branded to be safe if possible. This may fit the bill.

Ok. Thank you for the link.
Do you know where I could find a list of the other sensors with known problems?
I do not think I have any but just in case…
Also, today the panel started to beep every 30 minutes. I figured out it sends a warning off for low battery, except I cant find any sensors with the problem. Everything is reporting excellent after running a test. Also nowhere on the panel it comes up with a trouble, Except the beep every 30 minutes. I changed the sound and reduced the time to the lowest of 3 minutes to make sure its a low battery warning, and it is. except the panel is not telling me which one! For now I shut the notification off, it is driving me crazy…Any input to find this issue would be great.
Thank you

I was just reading another tread about the metal doors. As I said before I have an issue with my front door not reporting all the time when I close it. It always reports when I open it… I do have a stainless steel door, the sensor on it is a Honeywell 5814 and I had that setup for over 12 years now, without an issue. Since I put the IQ panel on I have the occasional error. All my other 5814 sensors work without a problem, none however is on a metal door. So the sensor you recommended above should be ok? Other than the fact that it is huge compare to the 5814 and the mighty one. Here is your quote from the other tread regarding the metal frame. My panel is about 6-7 feet away from the door, so distance should not be the issue at all…
“The issue you are describing where the sensors will not report properly while attached to a surface but function when removed is a very common one if the material you are attaching the sensor to is metal, regardless of distance. The external antennae have their signal significantly dampened if this is the case. Are any of the surfaces metal? A lot of metal close-by? Is the sensor mounted in such a way that the antenna is touching or near a metal track?”
Again, Thank you so much for any advise you can give me!

The quoted forum thread in your response is regarding the Resolution Products Mighty Mouse door window contact. That sensor in particular has an external antenna rather than a raised internal one, and it sits flat against the surface that the sensor is attached to. This is very detrimental if using this sensor on metal.

Most other door window contacts are not as affected by the material, but it is possible. Excess metal may also affect the magnet’s effective pull range, so if you are having trouble getting a sensor to show closed, shortening the gap between the sensor and magnet is always worth a try.

I will request a list with the known sensors causing issue directly from Qolsys so you get the best info.

If you have a low battery alert, this should be visible on your Alarm.com account, specifying the sensor. Is this not true?

Good morning Jason
I did not sign up with alarm yet. I just got this installed over the weekend and figured i will test it out before totally committing. Is that the only way to find out wich sensor is low?

Your Qolsys panel home screen will have a status button with a numbered tally of status alerts. Pressing this will show you any recent or ongoing status alerts on the panel.

Unfortunately thisa one does not show the low battery warning for some reason, however it did show up on alarm.com It is strange for it not to have that info available on the panel anywhere. Every alert shows other than battery low warning

Interesting. How did you first become aware it was actually a low battery error? Did you see the status update at one time then it disappeared after acknowledgement?

No. First the sound on the panel every 30 minutes, without any messages. Than i figured out that the sound settings menu allowed me to change for notifications every 3 minutes, finally I set the beeps for the 3 different system sounds so I can figure out what the notification is for. The sound setting allows for low battery, tampered sensor and something else I do not remember. Than I started deleting sensors one by one, I really did not want to go through all my sensors, I have over 30 so I stopped after 5. Than tried to run a sensor test on the panel, everything passed with excellent remarks.Than you told me that alarm.com monitoring should tell me, so I just signed up for monitoring and there it was on the first page as an alert for two sensors. My panel never showed me any… It is strange. All seems good now

Well that is where they should be (status button). I am curious if they were just errantly cleared and did not show up again. Regardless, yes, ADC will show you all of those notifications. Glad you got it worked out, and I trust the beeps have stopped.

Yes they did… Finally! It was driving me crazy. I will keep you posted and thank you for your replies. Please let me know when you have the list of those sensors.

Well, prior to receiving a list I will say in general you will want to stick to Qolsys branded security sensors to avoid possible latency issues. (a 1.5 second delay in activation which is relevant to RFPIC 1.) If a sensor would just be used for notification purposes and be programmed as non reporting there isn’t the same concern.