Qolsys Panel noise

There is a high pitched noise coming from my new panel. I tried turning down the volume to see if this makes a difference. I also rebooted but it comes right back. It’s quite annoying. Is this normal? Do I have a faulty unit?

I emailed a recording of the sound to support@suretyhome.com. Thanks

I’ve heard another individual mention this recently, and it was resolved actually by activating the Siren.

Go into Settings > Advanced Settings > System Tests > Panel Test. You can either run all, or just scroll down and test the Siren by itself.

I haven’t found a definitive cause yet because I have been unable to replicate it, but it just sounds like residual electrical charge was on the siren circuit, activating the siren should discharge it if that is the issue.

Thanks. Once the ringing in my ears goes away, I will report back to let you know if that helped :rofl:

The siren is definitely piercing. Let me know if that works!

Yes that helped. I still hear a little noise, but not like it was. Thanks!

There is often a very slight sound, light a faint electrical hum, if you lean in and listen closely enough, but it shouldn’t be loud like the recording. I’m glad to hear that took care of the sound for you! Let us know if you hear it again.