Qolsys Panel Low Battery Message From Monitoring Service

Had an interruption of power today and Qolsys panel was operating on battery for about 2 hours. Towards the end of this period I received a message from the monitoring service warning of low battery (was not home at the time). Several hours after power was restored, panel battery status now indicates battery status = charged, level is 100%, and voltage is 8.386v. Software level is Q1.6.3. Unit is about 15 months old, battery has had very little use thus far.

Is this voltage level 8.386v close enough to spec (8.4v?), or should I replace? What tests should I conduct to ensure battery is OK? thanks.

Voltage is fine. You might try running on battery for an extended period and seeing how long the battery lasts. Voltage itself does not provide indication of battery health overall.

Another thing to look for is pillowing or expansion of the battery wrapping. If it has swelled up into a pillow shape it likely needs replaced.