QOLSYS panel does not recognize Power G door window sensor

Trying to get QOLSYS panel to recognize PG9303 door/window. It will not autolearn and I don;t see a valid 6 digit id code to manually install it. I’ve checked for software updates and the panel has the latest code. I am able to install IQ minis, Glass Breaks and Smoke Detectors with no problems. Any suggestions?

The device ID should be printed on the box, or on the sensor, either on the back or on a sticker internally.

However the best way to enroll the sensor is to remove the batteries, enter the panel into enrollment mode, then insert the batteries to power the sensor on. Was this tried?

Yes, I did remove the battery and placed the panel in auto learn. Nothing. I can see all the information both on the unit and the box it came in. The id for this unit 109-8180 is too long for the Qolsys. The only 6 digit number is the product number PG9303 but it doesn’t make sense to use the product number. I MIGHT have a bad unit but there is no reason to think that is the case. Anything else I csn try?

Apologies. That sensor should have an enrollment button on the internal board, should be grey or brown, towards the center of the board. Hold that button down until the yellow LED flashes while the panel is in learn mode.

I popped the cover and only found the tamper switch and it is silver and white. I pulled the battery, placed the Qolsys in automatic learn mode and reinserted the battery, which I believe is supposed to cause the unit to send an enrollment ID, but the Qolsys never saw it. I’m at a bit of a loss. Is there something like a daughter board required to pair to the Qolsys?

That’s actually the button you want to push. I added one earlier today by pushing the button for 3 seconds until the yellow (or green?) LED flashed while the panel was in automatic learn mode.

I attached an image to confirm.

Thank you Nicolas. I appreciate the photo. It confirms I was doing everything right. However, I have just discovered something important. Tyler G, I have determined that my Qolsys IQ panel is an IQ Panel 2. Could you confirm for me that to use the G power sensors I have to have an IQ Panel 2+. That would make a lot of sense. The panel was installed two years ago at just about the time the IQ Panel 2+ came out but I had no idea the “+” is so significant. (They should have called it a 3). I’m guessing I need to upgrade to a 2+ as I can find nothing that says Qolsys ever released a daughter board to upgrade the 2.

That is correct, the IQ Panel 2+ introduced support for the PowerG sensors. They have not released the daughterboard separately that I am aware.

To use PowerG sensors you would need the 2+.

Thank you Jason. I appreciate the quick help you’ve given.