Qolsys Panel Buzz and Ring

There is a ringing and buzzing sound coming from the speaker of the panel. I am unsure on how to get it to stop. Any help is appreciated!

This is what it sounds like. It’s coming for the speaker on the top right corner and it does not stop. Thank you!

1113AFA9-63B4-4C39-88F5-22D437104D59.mov (5.62 MB)

Have you used the panel reboot option in settings to see if it continues?

This is found under Settings > Advanced > Panel Reboot

Hi Jason,

I have tried that and it still continues. I even moved from where I had just in case it had something to do with the area.

A couple things to try:

Where is the thin white sensor antenna running? Do you have it inserted into the wall out the back of the panel? If it is curled up inside the panel (it shouldn’t be) it may be resting near the speaker wire and cause interference.

Try powering down the panel (Settings > Advanced > Power Down) and unplug the speaker and plug it back in to ensure a secure connection. Make sure the antenna is out of the way of the wire.

Afterward, power up the panel. Any change?

Hi Jason,

Sorry for the late reply, can’t test it until I get some. I did what you suggested and it is still doing it.

58320728866__382F78CE-3D19-48FA-8075-B3C2EF8B569C.mov (1020 KB)

It does stop when it’s powered down. I take this is not a common issue?

Well, I can hear a similar high pitch constant tone from the IQ Panel 2+ here at my desk, but it is very faint and my ear needs to be close to the panel to really hear it over anything else.

Is what you are hearing prominent? It seems to only get picked up on the video when the recording device gets very close, but it is hard to tell.

Hi Jason,

I know the recording pics it up when it’s close, but I can hear from pretty far away, specially if it’s quiet. Is there a way that I can exchange it? Thank you!

A little electrical hum when held close is normal, but if it is loud, then I would say yes it may make sense to replace.

Our warranty policy is found here.

We honor the manufacturer’s warranty, which varies by manufacturer and by specific product. If a replacement part is required, you may either 1) return the defective item, and once the returned item is received by our team we will ship you a replacement, or 2) if you would like the replacement shipped prior to the defective equipment arriving at Surety you can purchase a replacement via our online store for us to ship out. The total cost of the replacement order, including shipping, will be refunded once the defective equipment has been returned to us.


I know this will sound strange, but, I accidentally set off the alarm and the siren went off. It actually fixed the noise I was hearing. Now, there is only a low frequency buzz, which is what you mentioned earlier.

Thank you for the help!

Hi there @Tazblue777 and @jwcsurety

Was the issue permanently resolved for you after this, or did it return?

I am having the same high-pitched noise issue as shown in your video. I have checked the antenna is installed correctly. Blasting the siren from the Test section DOES resolve the noise, but only temporarily - it returns about an hour later.

It’s definitely prominent enough for me to hear from the next room, and from upstairs. Since this is a new install I’ve simply taken to powering it down for now.

Can I get confirmation if replacing the panel will help on this? Or is this normal for Qolsys IQ2+ panels?

Thank you!

Can I get confirmation if replacing the panel will help on this? Or is this normal for Qolsys IQ2+ panels?

A loud hum/buzz is not normal operation for the IQ Panel 2+. If after trying the above steps, there is no resolution, the panel may need to be replaced.

Thanks Tyler, it’s definitely a loud mosquito-like noise that can be heard around the house when idling, and the secondary ‘IQ Remote’ panel I have does not make this noise at all. I’ll look into getting it replaced. Thank you!