Qolsys panel 4 second panel

I have a qolsys iq panel 4 installed, but it is far away from my master bedroom. I would like to be able to hear the chimes and alarms while im in my room. Is there a way to add a second panel in my master and have it auto connect to everything that is already set up?


Secondary keypad with the same interface as the main panel below:

Thank you

I received the iq remote from you guys in the mail. I have a outlet in my attic, but the power supply cable is not long enough. Is there something i can buy that will extend the power supply cable so i can install it clean with no plug coming out of the wall?

There is no extension kit specifically for the IQ Remote but you can use a longer cable run if needed.

Be sure to use the included 7V power supply and that the extended run meets the following requirements:

  • Use 18AWG wire no longer than 100ft to ensure sufficient power is received at the panel.
    • The minimum permissible wire size shall not be smaller than 22 AWG ( 25 FT max).

So buy some 18 awg wire and connect it with the dc wire that was supplied to plug into the back of the panel?

Yup. Wire poitive/negative leads to the corresponding terminals on the 7V power supply and you can splice the other end with the barrel connector wire. The barrel connector from the included wire is needed as bare leads cannot be directly connected to the IQ Remote.

Jason, rather than an IQ Remote, can a second IQ Panel 4 be used as a second panel to a primary IQ Panel 4 one subordinate to the other?


One IQ Panel 4 per system. You cannot link multiple primary panels together.

IQ Remote (QW9104) or IQ Remote PowerG (IQR-PG) will duplicate panel interface and chimes.