Qolsys Panel 4 not showing who disarmed panel

Hi, I have a Qolsys panel 4 and it is not showing who disarmed the panel using their codes. My 2Gig always showed which user code was used. Any idea why the Qolsys isn’t? I disarmed with my main code this morning and it showed “unknown login ID.”


It should show the ID. Try rebooting the panel (Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot). Wait at least 5 minutes after reboot and test for resolution. Any Change?

I think I figured out the issue. When normally disarming, it shows the ID. But, the Panel 4 makes a loud beep any time you try to disarm (which is a problem when people are sleeping, especially since I have a secondary panel in the master bedroom). So, I created a scene to disarm since that doesn’t cause the panel to beep when disarming. When disarming by the scene, it says unknown ID, even though you still have to use your PIN to disarm.

SO, any way to ether get the ID to show when disarming by scene or any way to prevent the panel from beeping every time I try to disarm? I think it does that because when in ARM STAY, hitting the button puts it into quick exit mode, which counts down by beeping. Would love to change that, if possible.

Sorry if this isn’t clear - I can send a video to illustrate if needed.


No, I understand, and yes when you initiate a scene on the panel you are triggering an ADC scene action. This is logged through ADC and usually has an Alarm.com login username attached to it but when initiated from the panel there is no distinct user. We will forward this to ADC to request logging if possible when a PIN is required locally.

Other options for immediate disarm without a countdown are via the ADC app and via keyfob.