Qolsys Panel 2

Hi guys,

If I buy new Qolsys Panel 2 on 24incontrol.com, can I use it with your service?


Yes, we support the IQ Panel 2.


One more question , can I use Qolsys IQ2 Secondary Touch Screen Keypad (QW9100-840-00) with Qolsys Panel2 ?

I have 2 doors and need secondary panel. If yes, I’m in the game, order the panel and connect your service.

If no, what secondary panel can I use with Qolsys Panel2?

No, you cannot use the existing IQ2 Secondary Keypad.

A new version of the IQ2 Secondary Keypad will be released specifically for the new Panel, but we do not have an ETA yet on that.

This is typical of new panel releases. Almost invariably the compatible secondary keypad/touchscreen is released some time after the primary panel.