Qolsys Panel 2 and Schlage BE469 Settings?

Hi, I just installed a new QP2 and paired it with a Schlage BE469 Zwave lock. Previously I had it connected to a Wink hub, which allowed me to control local settings on the lock, such as auto lock, alarm (beeper) settings, sensitivity, vacation mode, low battery, etc. Is there a way to do this through Alarm.com or on the panel itself?

You can lock/unlock and view battery status from the panel directly by scrolling to the lock screen on the IQP2.

Device status can be viewed from Automation History as well. ( Settings -> Z-Wave Device Status -> Device -> History)

Notifications and Rules would be set up through Alarm.com, either by the Notifications tab or through settings in the locks card.

As far as alarm (beeper) settings, sensitivity, and vacation mode, I am unsure if these are available for local control at the panel as I do not have this model to test. I will post back here as I find more information.