Qolsys or GC3


I’ve been lurking and researching for quite a while. I’m having a house built that will be done in December. I’ve already decided on suretydiy and was pretty much set with Qolsys due to features over the GC2. With the GS3 looking like it’s really going to happen I’m looking for the real pros and cons. It will be a brand new system, nothing existing. Nothing too fancy, just decent security with ability to add door locks, thermostat, lights, camera, etc down the road. Thanks for the input.

It won’t be possible to compare the pros and cons until the GC3 is released and its actual features are made public. Anything before that is speculation. How long before you would need to actually make a decision? You could still plan/design the system but wait until the last minute to choose a panel and the actual sensor models.

Ok, thank you. Makes sense, I just didn’t know if you guys had any hands on or a legit spec sheet yet. I won’t need to actually pull the trigger until early to mid December. I’ll just stand by and wait for a good review once it’s out. Thanks again, I’m really enjoying the forum and looking forward to doing business with you in the near future.

We will definitely be posting all the info we can when it becomes available. We have been looking forward to the GC3 for a very long time.