Qolsys now or GC3 later?

I have read through a few forum threads related to the 2gig GC3 and Qolsys panel features. A few time Ryan as alluded to how impressed he is with the GC3 panel. I understand it might finally be coming out in Jan 2016. Would you recommend waiting for the GC3 or if it would be the same as Qolsys albeit with a better looking panel exterior?
What would you want to install in your own home?

Well, there is no official release date yet, so I would not be able to speak to when it will be available. We expect it soon, but January is unlikely.

Without definitive production version specs it would be impossible to compare the two panels themselves as of yet.

Z-wave devices will be more or less uniform across the two with regard to what is compatible.

2GIG uses 345 Mhz sensors, Qolsys 319 Mhz GE protocol. The GE protocol is a more secure transmission. 2GIG’s protocol is the same as Honeywell, which are compatible, and there is a bit more variety in Honeywell wireless sensors than GE.

Realistically though with a wireless translator you could use any sensor with either system.

I am in the same boat and have been reading and researching for months. My house will be done the end of the month and I’m going to pull the trigger on the Qolsys. Seems like a good panel and software updates and support seems good. I don’t know the story with the GC3 but all the delays and lack of information from 2gig is starting to turn me away. Just my $. 02. Good luck.

There is still no date for official availability on suretyDIY, although some definitive information is now available.