Qolsys light automation

I’m having a problem with my lights turning on to early, I have them set from sunset to sunrise, this happens every year with DST, I changed time on adc to eastern daylight time don’t know what else to do.

Was it not set to Eastern Daylight Time previously? It looks like that should be the proper selection, and it is automatically assigned based on Zip unless manually changed.

If it was not on Eastern Daylight, what was it set to and did you manually alter it previously?

It was set to eastern time (no dst) previously before I changed it. I have to hangs it every year because this happens every time change.

It happens is what I meant to write sorry

this happens every time change

So we are clear, what you are saying is that every year you notice that your account is not set to Eastern Daylight Time, but you did not manually change it away from Eastern Daylight?

If that’s the case that would be a clear, but strange issue. Time zones sync based on zip code, I’ll have ADC look at other users in your area to see if this is common.

Alright, after some digging I think I see the confusion here. Are you manually changing Timezone in anticipation of DST each time? I actually see in November that the primary login for this account manually switched the Timezone to Eastern No DST. You should not do this, DST is automatically handled through ADC based on your Timezone.

In digging further back I see manual switches going back to the start of the account, where the Timezone was changed to No DST. This would have caused the very first time problem with rules.

Eastern (No DST) does not mean Eastern Timezone when DST is not in effect. It means Eastern Time in an area that never observes DST. DST adjustments would never occur in that Timezone. It should not be selected ever for this location.

You’ll want to just always leave your Timezone set to what it is currently. The Timezone itself does not and should not change.

Yes I have been changing it because every year I have a problem with the lights either not coming on or coming on too early because of DST. I will leave it the way it is and hope it works. For now I changed the automation time from sunset to sunrise to actual times of the day. Thanks.

Did this start with a previous provider? To clarify what I mean, the first time I see the Timezone being manually set to “No DST” is very shortly after the account was set up, prior to the DST date, so DST would never have worked the first time it would have otherwise occurred.

Yes with previous provider also

Gotcha. I would not expect to see issues now. However, if your current timezone is set to no DST, that means in March Alarm.com will assume sunset for your location occurs an hour earlier than it actually does.

So the way I have it now should work fine right it is set to “eastern daylight time”

That’s how it should be set, correct. The Timezone itself does not change, just the effective time in November and March.

Ok thanks

So I am having a similar issue since the DST change. Though I have not messed with the time zone in ADC, it is set to PDT as I would expect.

I noticed after the time change my lights were not coming on and saw that the Qolsys unit was set to one hour later (i.e. it did not change automatically). So I manually changed the time forward one hour in the settings on the Qolsys unit. At some point in the next couple days it changed itself back to the wrong time (one hour back). I change it again, rinse and repeat several times. I restarted the panel this evening to see if that helps.

Any ideas?

I noticed after the time change my lights were not coming on and saw that the Qolsys unit was set to one hour late

Interesting. I’ve sent a command to resend the appropriate panel time. Can you confirm whether or not the correct time shows up or is it off?