Qolsys iQSmoke Detector Warning Lights Flash Every 12 seconds

We’ve had a Qolsys IQSmoke detector (QS5110-840) for 3 years just outside our kitchen, a climate controlled area with low humidity. I installed new batteries, the same Procell battery model that came with the unit. The LED light next to the “test” button flashes red-yellow-green approximately every 12 seconds. I’ve tried other batteries, checked the batteries are fully charged, cleaned the unit. Unit still flashing. The IQ control panel isn’t giving an error message. Is the a method to reset the detector? Does the detector have a problem? Thanks in advance.

A red, yellow, green sequence every 12 seconds just means that the unit is tampered (the back plate is not securely attached.)

I do see that a smoke detector is reporting a tamper to your system as well.

Make sure that the smoke detector is firmly attached to the back plate.