Qolsys IQ4 Hub Not Enabled for S-LINE Sensors?


I have recently installed a Qolsys IQ4 Hub which is supposed to be compatible with the IQ DW Mini-S 319.5MHZ door/window sensors I have. However, it does not pick up these sensors in auto detect mode, and the only selection for sensor source available to me in manual enroll is PowerG. Is this a setting that Surety needs to enable in my account, or do i need to reach out to Qolsys?



The IQ 4 Hub contains one sensor radio, one of four: PowerG, 319, 345, or 433. See it on Qolsys website here.

The IQ Panel 4 has PowerG plus one of the other legacy RF options.

Your model of the Hub only supports PowerG.

Ah that’s what i was worried about. Thanks for the info. I figured i just was wrong.

Appreciate the help,