Qolsys IQ2+ with WS9LCDWF9 false tamper

I have an IQ2+ and a WS9LCDWF9, the remote pin pad randomly reports a tamper event…or it stops receiving updates from the panel and stops working. This occurred yesterday, and in the past when this happens I hard power cycle the WS9LCDWF9 and everything goes back to normal. Tonight, in the middle of the night, I awake to my alarm siren due to tamper on this pin pad. I see no options to solve for this other than to delete the sensor registration.

The pin pad isn’t tampered, it has batteries in it and is connected to a power source. What would ultimately cause a false tamper? Should I be contacting the reseller or DSC for a warranty replacement? Will DSC even work directly with me as a consumer?

Another interesting tidbit is that ADC shows nothing related to this at all. It doesn’t show the tamper events nor the alarm that was triggered, now it is possible that I disarmed the panel before it fully reported.

A tamper alert would specifically come from the tamper switch on the keypad. If the system is armed at the time the panel would go into an alarm status.

Strangely, I also don’t see any report of this in history. Even if you have dialer delay active and disarmed prior to the delay period, we would typically see a “Pending” event in history.

It is possible this is a unique omission to the WS9LCDWF9, or it is possible given the tampers that a software issue is occurring. I haven’t heard any reports of this myself, but I am checking with Qolsys to see if there is any known reason for any of what you saw.

We’ve received a confirmation from Qolsys that they were able to reproduce the same issue with regard to the tamper alarm not generating an event in Alarm.com for the WS9LCDWF9. They are looking into this as a likely bug.

As far as the tamper itself goes, the back plate and tamper switch is fairly sensitive on that model. It is possible that the keypad is not fully flush when mounted. Check to be sure there is no resistance when mounting the keypad in the frame. To best assist could you pop open the device where it is mounted and take a quick photo?

Thanks for the vendor follow up, glad you were able to repeat the issue. I “modified” the tamper switch with a few layers of Duck Tape so that the button is absolutely pressed firmly and will risk having it wake up the household again. I do wish there was a way to have the IQ2+ ignore the tamper event for testing, as it is wholly disruptive to have the alarm go off at 2am repeatedly. I also added a screw to the tamper breakaway on the mount to try to keep it from wiggling, but I am confident that there is no way for the tamper switch to not be pressed quite firmly unless the pad is fully removed from the wall.

IMG_4917 IMG_4918IMG_4919

Let us know if you see another tamper after securing the switch.

Qolsys confirmed that they and ADC are working on the tamper alarm reporting for this model to ensure it creates an ADC event.