Qolsys IQ2+ Setup

I have recently purchased the panel and I am trying to set up before activating monitoring. One thing I have not been able to figure out. I have a dog walker that always enters through the garage overhead door. She opens the door, goes inside and deactivates the alarm, leashes the dogs, activate the alarm, and finally exits through the garage. The problem is that the system keeps bypassing the garage door even though it closes before the exit delay ends. Is there a different zone to put this sensor on so that even though it is tripped when arming, it doesn’t bypass is closed.

Similar situation if I open the garage door to warm up my car, activate the panel right before I pull out and then close the garage door.

One last thing. Can anyone tell me the difference between the QS1230-840 and the QS1231-840 motion sensors. What upgrades if any where made.


The system will automatically bypass any sensor that’s open when you arm. If you use the additional arming options when arming you can uncheck the garage door sensor so it doesn’t get bypassed.