Qolsys IQ2 Secondary Keypad Arm State Indicator Light

I have a question about the Qolsys IQ2 Secondary Touch Screen Keypad. Does it have any indicator lights to show the system arm state? I mean other than when the main screen is active. The main IQ Panel has the colored home button to easy tell arm state. I don’t see one that is obvious on the front. One of the main reasons for having another panel is to be able to quickly look at the wall/desk to see if the system is armed. If I have to walk over to the keypad and activate it to see, i might as well use a phone or ipad to see.

~ Paul

There is a large red bar across the top of the IQ2 to indicate that the system is armed, when its disarmed and ready there is a green bar, when a door gets opened while disarmed a yellow bar appears on the top

Correct. However, I assume the screen will blank out after no use. I’m wonder if there is some other indicator. For example, the main panel, when the screen is off, the home button will be red when system is armed.

Using the actual android menu in the top right of the IQ2, you can select the “Never” screen timeout option, but this is not part of the IQ app (which offers max timeout of 25 min.), so that will need tested.