Qolsys IQ2+ built in motion

How do you enable built in motion sensor on iq2+?

It is disabled by default. This can be changed in the Panel Motion Detector field. This can be accessed by clicking on Settings > Advanced Settings > Enter Installer Code > Installation > Installer Settings.

From the manual:

[This] creates an independent zone that leverages the panel’s built-in camera to act as an
activity motion detector. This will fall into the zone order at the time you enable this
feature. Motion can trip once every 4 minutes.

NOTE: The panel motion detector is for activity monitoring and automation only (Group 25) and will not create an alarm condition or act as a security PIR

If i remember correctly is there but gray out

There are two related areas:

Panel Motion Detector is set to Enabled or Disabled in via the above method.

If enabled, then you should have access to Panel Motion Settings which is found in Settings > Advanced Settings > Enter Installer Code > Installation > Devices > Security Sensors > Panel Motion Settings.

Are you unable to enable Panel Motion Detector via the above means?

i will check when i get home, thank you. I will report back

got it working, cant have IP camera selected it will disable motion

Good to hear. That is correct, you can use motion or IP cam but not both.

That is correct