Qolsys IQ2+ - ADC scene closes garage but bypasses it

I have an issue I can’t find how to solve. When I go biking, I’ll usually either unlock my detached garage side door or open the garage door from the Qolsys panel before exiting the house, and then when I pull out of the garage on the bike I’ll just hit a custom scene that will turn off the garage lights, lock the house front door, the garage side door, close the garage door and arm away the system. When I come back, I have another scene that does the exact opposite.

The issue I have is that when the Qolsys arms, it bypasses the garage door because I guess the ADC scene sends the Arm command before the garage door is fully closed, so the sensor gets bypassed.

Is there any way around this or will I unfortunately have to either go in the ADC app or use two scenes?


Unfortunately triggering movement of the Garage door will have the longest delay before the action is completed, because it requires a period of announcement from the opener first and it takes a bit for the door to shut far enough to register closed.

If you have a sensor on your garage door that you want monitored, the garage door must be closed before the system arm command is sent. I am checking with Alarm.com if they have a way around this but I think the way to handle this currently would be to just send two separate commands/scenes if arming and closing the garage door.

Disappointing but that’s what I thought. Thanks for checking!