Qolsys IQ Zones?

Hi I am thinking of getting the Qolsys panel for my setup. I was wondering if you can setup zones/partitions on the Qolsys?
I have a largishh home, with people living upstairs and downstairs, with Qolsys, can I ARM the upstairs sensors independently of downstairs? i.e. someone is home downstairs, but noone is home upstairs or vice versa.
If I can do this, can each partition have a separate Disarm code?

I’d also like to add the IQ2 panel, can I add more than 1?


The last time I checked Qolsys didn’t support partitions but they mentioned they might add it in the future. We’ll follow up and see if there are any updates.

Currently the Qolsys panel can have up to 3 IQ2 secondary panels.

If partitions are necessary, a panel such as the Concord 4 can accomplish this and still support Alarm.com and automation features.

The Concord is a much more traditional alarm panel with respect to installation and function, with wired keypads and a central “brain.” However, it can natively support wireless GE sensors (same as Qolsys).

Each Keypad can be set to control a specific partition and sensors can be installed by partition.