Qolsys IQ Remote won't boot

Hello, I’ve very recently purchased an IQ2+ and IQ remote. I got the panel setup without any issues, but the Remote seems to be struggling. I left it to charge for a few hours because it wouldn’t seem to turn on.

At this point, I was able to get it to boot, and began the pairing process. I completed that, at which point it said it was downloading a patch (made it sound like it was a patch from the main panel, but I’m not sure how that process is intended to work). Once the patch completed, the Remote rebooted and… that was it. It’s been (what appears to be) boot looping ever since. I see the android logo for a few seconds, then a black screen, then the android logo (repeat). I’ve tried holding the power button for various amounts of time, etc, to no avail.

Any ideas for troubleshooting?



Hmm, a looping boot menu is indicative of an issue that is not usually resolvable, but one thing I would try is powering it down fully for about an hour, then try plugging back in after it has been unplugged from AC and battery for an hour.

Did you try to enter programming or otherwise interact on the remote or the main panel during its patch download and installation afterward? (This may cause an issue, it is important to leave the panel alone during downloads.)

If extended power removal does not show any result a replacement is likely needed. If purchased from Surety, send us a private message for options!