Qolsys IQ panel v1.5.1 update is out

Just randomly checked for a software update on my Qolsys IQ, and it downloaded v1.5.1.

I found some info about what’s new in it:

Is there a corresponding patch tag for the IQ2 panel?

You should only need to use the “Upgrade Using Network” button. Patch tag should not be required.

I’m talking about the IQ2 device. With the 1.4 firmware, the IQ2 all the home control functions are broken when used with an IQ panel upgraded to 1.5. What is the patch level for the IQ2 device?

Any IQ2 that was previously connected to the IQ at the time of the update to 1.5.1 should have automatically been updated to 1.5. Can you double check the version on the IQ2 to verify?

If not, it looks like you can use patch tag: iq215

thanks, Yup that did it!