Qolsys IQ panel problems

“The application home (process com.qolsys) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again
(Force close)”

Of course clicking force close nets an infinite loop of error, close, error, close…etc

This was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I have been out of a security system for 2 weeks now. They sent a new panel which was unable to enroll any sensor (perhaps a bad radio). (Well item showed enrolled but there wasn’t any functionally) Armed stay/away (could open doors/windows walk pass motion sensors and nothing happened)

Wiped old panel (with error) back to default factory settings. Yippee!!! Error gone, and devices enrolled back into panel (after hrs of trying (lesson learned))

A day later motion is reporting an activation… yup you guessed it. Error returned and all sensors were beginning to fail again.

3rd panel being shipped and with no faith currently that this will resolve the problem.

A few pics included… really was too many to add of errors (camera, weather, android, tts, qolsys, and many more)

Lesson learned. Please keep a list of all sensor id #'s. This will help tremendously if sensors can’t be enrolled through auto learn option.

I’ve never seen or heard of that issue before. That’s a pretty debilitating error.

Is the one which saw the opening error message new or older panel? Can you provide the Revision (the first letter in the serial number) and the RFPIC version?

Did you get this through suretyDIY? Or was this purchased elsewhere?

Yeah apparently no one has ever seen this issue before. To help all members out I will pull any and all info you need.

I am a Livewatch member; as unfortunately you all don’t service FL yet… brb

Rf PIC - 8.2 -G
PCA Serial# PA0CP
Linux 2.6.34
Android 2.2.2
Android sys ver REV C
System Serial # QSNC13…
PIC Ver v80.05

Data all from old system…
Can grab new system data as well to be thorough if needed.