Qolsys IQ panel not showing MyQ garage door

I can’t find my MyQ garage door opener on the Polsys IQ2 panel. It is showing up in alarm.com website and app just fine.

I do know that it used to show up on the panel just fine. Not sure if that was with the previous provider or with Surety before I did a bunch of resets for troubleshooting cell signal problems.

MyQ integration on the IQ Panel is automatic, sent by ADC, and if you replace or reset the panel the connection will no longer be active.

To reconnect the MyQ integration on the panel, typically removal and re-adding the MyQ gateway is required.

Would you like me to delete the MyQ Gateway on your account so that you can readd?

No, I’d rather wait until I am home. Is this Something I can do by myself?

If not, I’m off tomorrow so we could do it then.

Removal of it would need to be done by us. You can then relink it whenever you are able. We can remove it during business hours, if you would like to wait until tomorrow that would be fine.

Thanks. I’d like to wait a few weeks when my wife will be out of town so that it doesn’t disturb her. I’ll message at that time. Thanks!!!

if you could remove garage door today or tomorrow, that would be great!!!

The garage device has been removed. You can re-add it at any time.

It worked!

Thanks again.