Qolsys IQ panel buzzing after 2-way hang up

Happy SuretyDIY customer here! First time posting on the forum. Things have been going great with the Qolsys system bought around 2 months ago. Had a little problem with the 2-way which I want to inquire about…

I had a false alarm triggered about 2 weeks ago (silly me), and noticed that after sorting things out with the monitoring center, the IQ panel was left buzzing as if the panel hadn’t terminated the 2-way call. Left it for about a minute or so and it became clear the problem wasn’t going away on its own. At that point, I decided to perform a panel reboot which took care of the problem.

Anyone has noticed this happening before? Could it be a one-time event? Am I going to have to do this everytime my alarm goes off?

Wondering if there’s anyway to have the central station initiate a 2-way for testing. I’d rather not abuse the active monitoring by generating a false alarm everytime I want to test this…

Thanks in advance!

I have actually not heard of that at all. Was the buzzing sound something that could otherwise be missed or was it very prominent?

It wouldn’t hurt to test again. If you can recreate the effect that would definitely tell us more about the issue.

The central station cannot initiate 2 Way Communication. Your panel must begin the call.

Very prominent. I’ll make sure to test during the weekend, and I’ll post my findings. Hoping it was just a one-time deal only.

Thanks for the prompt reply…

Seems like it was a one-time occurence. Now the 2-way worked as expected…

Glad to know there’s no problem with the panel!

Thanks for your help!

I’ll keep an eye on this and take a look at the signals from the two occurrences to see if anything explains it.

I’ll just add that I’ve never experienced that with my Qolsys panel the couple of times that I set it off by accident. Hopefully it’s just a freak occurrence for you Jose.

I’ll make sure to record it if it ever happens again. Hopefully, I’ll never encounter it…

I had this issue once, rebooted and it never happened again. It was just a light white noise almost like the person on the other end didnt hang up his line.

Have you used two way voice a fair number of times since then? I will be updating Qolsys regarding this.