Qolsys Iq panel 4

Do we know anything or seen any pictures of upcoming IQ4 panel from qolsys?

No information about the upcoming panel has been released just yet. I know release wise lots of stuff has been pushed back due to covid but we are hoping to hear more soon.

Keep an eye on our Product Updates page for new product information.

Any news on this

None at this time, still in beta. Will post information as it is made available however.


Do we know when is it going to be available to purchase and pricing?

Nope, not yet, though I imagine we will likely carry it soon.

Interesting. Wonder what the benefits will be. Looks like the same screen size, same UI, same radios, and maybe a nicer speaker.

Looks like the IQ4 is good if you have a gen 1 unit or are starting fresh, but not likely for those that already have an IQ2 panel.

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I agree. I don’t plan on using my security system that protects my family to jam out to music. They need to realize we want a system for security and security only

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Thank you for posting the link to the video. I currently have the IQ 2 +, but am always seeking the latest and greatest technology. I started to get excited until I saw that it’s shaped like an echo show or nest Hub. Unless they come out with a all multiple panel, I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

Did you view the entire video? That desk/island mount seems to merely be a mounting accessory. All other views in the promo show wall mounted installation without that pyramid appearance. Reference the following Johnson Controls announces next generation IQ Panel 4 - YouTube

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Okay, thank you for bringing this to my attention. When it presented the tabletop system and I saw the words ‘IQ panel base’, I assumed that would be the base station, and the wall mounted units were remote keypads. Again, thank you for clearing this up!

Any news on pricing and availability ?

Not just yet. Once we have more information we will post it on the forum however.