Qolsys IQ Panel 4 installation issues

Just got my Qolsys IQ Panel 4. Running through the setup, got it connected to my network and the internet. Then panel is a few feet from the wireless router, and I also have an iphone 12 right next to it on the same network. For the iPhone, speedtest.net records 400 up/down and 10ms Ping.

I get to the “Checking System… Downloading system settings from the cloud” step. After working for a few minutes, I get “Checking Sysem: System settings download unsuccessful, please try again.”

How do I proceed? Thanks.

Happy to assist. You’ll need to create your Alarm.com account first. To do so, login to your Surety account, access System Manager and create the account.

Be sure to follow all of the steps in the System Manager first. After you have run the cell test at the panel then logged in to the Alarm.com account, you can use wi-fi at the panel to check for software updates. The most recent update for the IQ Panel 4 is 4.0.1.

Thanks for the quick reply! Now that I created the account, set up seems to be moving right along.

No problem. Happy to assist.

The only sensor I’m having issues connecting is the DSC PowerG Wireless Flood Detector (PG9985). Pressing the Enroll button on the sensor didn’t seem to work. Scanning the QR Code got me a “Not Valid” type of message. Perhaps that sensor doesn’t work the IQ 4?


One more question :slightly_smiling_face:

I changed the user code from the Qolsys default (i.e. 1111) to my own code. My code works, but 1111 still does also! I’m assuming that’s the code for the other 2 system users (i.e. “Installer” and “Duress”). Is that in fact the issue? If so, can I change the codes for those users? Does the code need to be different for those users for security reasons?


The PG9985 is found on the compatibility list.

You can also manually enter the ID from that sensor and then after saving and adding that zone, test the sensor.

1111 is the default installer code. This can be changed in our system manager remotely or on the panel under Settings > Advanced Settings > Installer Code > Installation > Security and Arming

1234 is the default master user code. This is the code associated with your user #1 (your name) in Alarm.com.

You can edit the duress code separately in Alarm.com or under the user management section in the panel.

These are different codes with different purposes and access levels. They cannot be the same.