Qolsys IQ Panel 2

When will the new “IQ Panel 2” become available? I am interested in purchasing one as soon as they become available. Can I be added to the list?

Well, looks like it was just announced.

It looks like it hasn’t entered Beta phase yet, so hard to say when it would actually be available. Qolsys does not have an expected release yet. I can check with our team when info is available and update the forum here as answers come in, though I would expect it to be a while. I’d guess no sooner than summer or fall.

Surprised that a new Main panel is coming so soon. It’ll be interesting to see the concrete details and how it compares to the GC3.

Hey everyone, thanks for asking! We will be showing the IQ panel 2 at ISC West 2016 in Las Vegas, so if you are attending that show, be sure to stop by the Bellini 2102 meeting room for a personal demo. You will also see the IQ panel 2 in the Tyco, Alarm.com, and Z-Wave booths on the show floor.

Current plan is to start pre-beta directly after ISC, with official beta starting in May.

Anyone else interested in participating in our beta program can email beta@qolsys.com and we will add your name to the list for consideration. Typically beta customers will be made up of current customers and top prospects, so if you are not selling and installing the first generation IQ Panel, we would encourage you to start now to increase your likelihood of being accepted for participation in the beta. (1st generation IQ Panel pricing has been reduced in distribution through the end of April 2016, so there’s never been a better time to start.)

Thanks again for the interest and we hope we will see you in Las Vegas next week!

Thanks for the info! Very excited to see what it can do!

Any news on how far along the new panel is and possible release dates?