Qolsys IQ Panel 2 with 22 AWG/4

I’ve a Qolsys IQ Panel 2, and I am trying to mount it to wall, replacing an older panel. There is already 22 AWG /4 wire running, and as the power adapter will be about 50 ft away, I’ve doubled up the wires.

I am getting 5.54V on the other end, however, when I connect the Qolsys panel’s connector to the doubled up 22 AWG wire, it does not detect it. What are my options.

Wall adapter <—> 22 AWG /4 wire using 2 pairs twisted together <—> Qolsys standard wire, connected via wire-nuts <—> Barrel plug <—> Qolsys panel


If you’re using a wire routed through the wall you don’t need to use the Qolsys provided wire and the barrel plug. The wall wire can go directly into the terminal block on the panel.

This is a common issue with the older IQ Panel 2’s that run on 5V. The newer ones use 7V to allow for more voltage drop on the wire.

Good thinking to double up the wires! I suggest trying to shorten them if possible. Is there an outlet closer to the panel you can use instead? Another option is to replace the 22AWG wire with 18 AWG. If you’re lucky the existing wire isn’t stapled down in the wall and you can use it as a pull string to run the 18 AWG wire.

A 3rd option is to quadruple instead of doubling the wires by using all 4 22 AWG pairs. I’ve done this before but you have to be clever about how you get the 4 wires to go into the terminal block at the panel.