Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ Wired Door Sensor

I am looking to purchase the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ for a home that has a few wired doors that can take a wired door sensor. It doesn’t look like I see any on your site that you sell, but do you recommend any? I see that they need to be on the 319.5 frequency.

Wired door contacts do not use a wireless frequency. A wired door contact is just a magnet and a reed switch which is closed by the magnet. The alarm panel or transmitter it is wired to watches the wired circuit to tell when it is opened and closed. Their open status is determined by the device they are wired to based on resistance.

You could use a QS1137-840 as the wireless transmitter for each zone, or if you have a handful of zones which will be wired, you could use an IQ Hardwire 8 or Hardwire 16 takeover module. Any normal hardwired door contact would work with this setup.

That makes sense! Thanks for the clarification.