Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ Two-Way Voice Volume

I have had a few alarm events since setting-up my account. Today is the first time that I have heard two-way voice and I could interact with the operator, but the incoming volume if too low. I suspect that the two-way voice was activated in the past events but it was so low I couldn’t even hear it. Is there any way to increase the volume level for two-way voice? It seems like it should be extremely loud to be heard over ambient room noise and when not immediately in front of the panel. Thanks.

Two Way Voice Volume was reportedly increased in an older firmware update, and I have not heard many reports of it being extremely low.

It would be good to try a quick test to see if troubleshooting has an impact on how it functions.

Try performing a panel reboot: Settings > Advanced Settings > Panel Reboot.

Wait a couple minutes after boot-up, then you can try testing. Contact operators at 8553480367 and request your account be placed on Two Way Voice Test Mode so that you can test the Two Way Voice on your panel.

This will allow operators to respond to Two Way calls, but no dispatch would occur if you missed the contact.

Hello. Yes, I did a two-way test today after the system reset. The audio is still fairly low overall. It works ok if within 10 feet or so of the panel, but if there is any ambient sound it wouldn’t be possible to hear the operator. Questions: 1.
Can you inquire to see if there is a way to increase the audio level, and if not, can this be a requested improvement? #2 is it possible to pair an external bluetooth speaker/mic to the panel for two-way voice usage? If so, what is recommended? #3 if we were to disable two-way voice and rely on them calling instead, does this also disable the ability for the monitoring center to listen in to what may be occurring? Thanks.

Software version 2.2.0 added support for 2-way voice on Anker a3102 speakers. (AK-A3109011) (AK-A3108011)

Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Installation -> Devices -> Bluetooth Devices.

Then choose Add Speaker.