Qolsys iq panel 2 stuck on lock screen

I have a Qolsys iq panel 2 that is unable to move past the lock screen. When a user code is entered, it provides the correct “Welcome, Installer” message, then the “Initializing the App” message flashes briefly, then it returns to the lock screen. The Dealer and Admin codes behave the same.

The panel continues to register chimes and can arm/disarm from the alarm.com app as normal.

The behavior of the panel is recorded in this video:

Holding down the power button does not perform a reset. Pulling open the back, disconnecting the power and the battery and then reconnecting the power simply reboots the panel and returns it to the above state.

Is there a way to initiate a factory reset or revert to a prior update from alarm.com?

Factory reset is performed in the panel UI. You cannot revert to older firmware, but in this case you should upgrade, you are on a very old version.

As long as the panel is signaling, I can send a firmware upgrade attempt through Alarm.com. Would you like us to try that?

Yes, please - that would be very helpful to try remotely. I’m not able to get access to the panel in the ways I know how.

Thank you!

Ok, I have initiated that update, it can take a little while for it to fully download from qolsys servers, but on broadband it will usually start and resolve within the hour (usually about 20 minutes or so)

Thanks, Jason. The problem is persisting.

Is there a way to confirm the update went through?

That did not go through, but I think I see why this may be occurring and the reason for the confusion. It looks like you have 3 partitions set up.

Partition 3 reports as armed currently. You are likely being blocked from installer and dealer access due to the armed state of the panel.

Disarm partition 3 and try again. The firmware update should likely complete then too.

I’ve disarmed partition 3. At this point the problem persists - but if the remote update can work that may be the breakthrough we need.

The firmware update has now completed successfully and your panel reports being on 2.7.2

Yes, it is working on my end as well.

Thank you!