Qolsys iq panel 2+ sound not loud enough

I recently upgraded to the new qolsys iq panel 2 plus. But I’ve noticed the voice command and chimes are significantly lower. I live in a three level home and in the past I could here the chimes and voice commands on each level. I can barely hear the voice commands on one level and I got the volume set all the way up to the maximum limit. What are my options to get sound louder back so I can hear it on each level of my home. Is this normal or might I have a defected unit? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

It is unlikely defective, but what panel are you comparing the volume to?

It’s likely the volume of the announcements is simply a bit lower than the prior system. Did you have secondary keypads with the other system?

Typically I wouldn’t expect to be able to reliably hear all announcements over 3 floors with any single panel sound source. To duplicate announcements in farther areas of the home, typically a secondary keypad is used.

Comparing the Iq panel 2 plus to the Qolsys Iq panel. The one that’s a bit thicker than the tablet looking one. So it’s a small three level home and in the past I could her the chimes and voice commands on all three level. Instead of buying two additional panels do you have any feedback on an external speaker connected via Bluetooth?

Yeah that would also be an option to try. Note the panel only supports 1 Anker 3102 speaker.

I believe it is still intended as a replacement, so announcements would only come from the Anker.