Qolsys IQ Panel 2 screen not turning off

I have an issue where the screen will sometimes not turn off. While I’ve turned off the slide show and set the screen to shut off after 5 minutes of inactivity it’s inconsistent and sometimes will still stay on for hours.

What page are you viewing when the screen remains on past the time limit? Do you always back out to the home screen? Or is it another page like Settings? Photos? Status?

It’s always back at the home screen, showing the unlocked or locked status.

What is the firmware version of your panel?

After an upgrade that just ran this morning I’m currently on software version 2.0.3-ADCS 2.13-ADCL 2.13, build number 20170619v. Before that, I’d been running 2.02.20170309. I ran a couple of tests this morning with the panel armed and disarmed and the screen seems to be shutting off when it should. I’ll know for sure over the next few days and will report back.

I also ran another cellular signal test from a problem reported in a different thread and it’s passing now. Not sure if it’s related to the update or just a coincidence. Is there somewhere I can find release notes for patch updates?

Thanks again.

That’s great news. It looks like cell test changes were included in the new version.

2.0.3 official notes from Qolsys:

New Features:
• Auto Learn Sensor now automatically detects the “Sensor Type” for most sensors based on the unique DL
Code of each sensor
• Added Alarm Videos. Panel now takes a 4 minute video from the panel camera during an alarm event
• Added Spanish and French (Canadian) languages
• Added a new pop up interface to help installers populate the Dealer Contact page during installation if not
previously auto populated
• Added the ability to log individual sensor signal strength from various sensor events
• Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
• Improvements to the Cell Test & Dual Path Test pages
• Advanced Arming Tray is now persistent to retain the previous expanded or contracted state
• Improved the Panel Glass Break Test page
• Improved Bluetooth Disarming during Entry Delay