Qolsys IQ Panel 2 - hardwire 16 - multiple false tamper alerts and false open/close alerts

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 - Hardwire 16 - multiple false tamper alerts and false open/close alerts

System is about 3 months old, false alerts started within the last 10 days. Last two days have been nothing but excessive false tamper alerts and false open/close door alerts. The 3 sensors involved all have magnetic contacts, hardwired to the Hardwire 16. We have traced the wires, no visible signs of damage. We have checked the magnetic sensors and all are fine and also report real activity. All of the false alerts are only during the daytime.

Any suggestions? I’m tired of the system crying wolf!

I was looking for an account so I could take a look at sensor programming for the problematic zones, but it looks like you may not be a Surety subscriber, is that correct?

Are you using the existing resistors with EOL learn mode or did you remove the old resistors and install the new ones that came with the Hardwire 16?

Seeing lots of tamper alerts is indicative of the circuit resistance being outside of the expected range. Do you have a multimeter to test the resistance on those circuits when the issue presents itself?

Replaced all resistors with resistors supplied with wired16 unit. Yes just relearned all zones to validate they were properly calibrated or setup. Oddly enough I started looping out each zone at the panel with a resistor. As I do one of the zones, and basically bypass it with a resistor direct to the terminals, the next zone starts reporting tamper and open repeatedly. Worked perfect for 3 to 4 months, now it reports about every 5 minutes.

I would recommend working with your service provider to make sure your panel is updated to the latest firmware, and if that has no effect, I would consider replacing that Hardwire 16F.

What you are describing sounds like a resistance issue, so barring incorrect resistance, there is possibly a measure of hardware failure.

Make sure you are powering the Hardwire 16 with the correct 16VDC transformer, and that it doesn’t have too much current being drawn at any one time from connected devices like wired siren or motion detectors, etc.